Brother Stephen

I am damn glad I began this trip. It feels great to be out there talking to people of all feathers. While walking around Pitt’s campus, I met Brother Stephen, a former Southern Baptist who switched to Catholicism in college. He’s now only a few months away from his ordination.

We enjoyed our conversation so much that we kept circling the Cathedral of Learning on an aimless stroll. After the usual quick exchange of life stories, the atheist and the Catholic began a debate on the existence of God before delving into the nature of evil. As you might expect, he presented excellent arguments on these questions. Once we moved onto the morality of premarital sex, contraception and homosexuality, he actually surprised me with the weakness of his position. With such a different base of belief, it makes sense that we couldn’t even get on the same page with these thorny issues.

We enjoyed our talk together and parted with warm feelings. I walked away with a spring in my step and only slightly miffed at finding myself stood up by my date. Brother Stephen, it’s because of people like you that I’m out here.


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