Happy birthday amerika

Ten friends came down from NYC for the Lititz celebration of the fourth of july, the oldest celebration in the country. Some favorite memories (add more in the comments):

Ryan kayaking and trying to figure why he went so slow while I held onto the back of his kayak and made him haul the whole floating dock.

Getting my ass kicked in underground fencing by Steve who fights like a bull. I definitely feel at my most attractive when my chest contains at least a dozen long thin bruises and small circular cuts from the dowel rods.

Being the little darlings of the Ringgold band who play marches for a blue hair crowd on the fourth. When they found out they had ten fans from Brooklyn in the front row, they mentioned us several times although they didn’t rig the cake walk in our favor which pissed off Wen-Jay. I hope to hear the firefighter song played by the eskalators complete with real firehorn.

Ryan’s beautifully awful wound on his tailbone from an encounter with a log during night ziplining

Getting woken up by my father, Wen-Jay and Mark throwing crab apples at my roof. Must have been the old man’s idea. Luckily, I ran outside quickly to administer the Naked Punishment to Mark.

Nina’s skill at donkey whispering

Losing a contact during the ball game but being able to pummel Mark and Sanji who kept yelling that I was mean. True but I don’t see why that should be an insult? That’s the purpose of the ball game

Karin and Marie tied for most cut up legs from the zipline which I only setup that afternoon with no time to clear away the jagger bushes.

Using our imagination to picture all of the candles lit over the stream in lititz springs park after the always wonderful fireworks

Sitting in the back of a very full pickup truck going through the beautiful farmlands of my home

Many more but I’m tired and have couchsurfers to show around Lancaster tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Happy birthday amerika”

  1. 1 sanjiwich July 8, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    – skinny dipping for the first time ever

    – talking to the fireflies

    – JOOSE

    – playing music in front of a marigold garden

    – chocolate creamcheese cupcakes

    – sloppy joe intimate moment with wenjay

    – amish country tour because it was interesting to hear about the town and talk about cultures and communities with stephanie, mark and lex

    – getting really excited about the fireworks, especially the purple ones (probably because it’s the same color as joose)

    – mckenzie

  2. 2 Ryan July 27, 2009 at 11:02 am

    – Hearing screams at the end of the zip line.

    – Rent a car fiasco and miracle

    – Riding in back of truck

    – Getting to know the Nyes

    – Fresh air!

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