I’ve been havin’ some hard travelin’, I thought you knowed

burning man (will never try to describe, too much for words, just go, watch out for narc lesbians though) –> 30 hour drive to henderson, ky with me pulling the two graveyard shifts –> showering, swimming, smoking, drinking –> sunrise on I-64 with thumb out –> sunset on 1-64 ten miles down the road –> beers, football and locals to raise spirits –> bed down behind a barn with dreams of the freedom of a motorcycle –> sunrise on the road –> sal paradise leaves me with grateful dead stories, tales of a life on the road and a homemade sausage biscuit –> kindly baptist family with convoy of lesbian daughter + butchy girlfriend with tat of stewie + their bewitching new baby girl + even more beguiling pit bull + surprisingly not obnoxious rat dog –> hotel outside jackson where they offered to get me a room but i opted for a night under the stars

The road gods giveth and the road gods taketh away. Fuck the road gods. Glorious bastards.

PS: originally to s who brings out the closest i get to poetry

PPS: subject is title of one of my favorite woody guthrie songs


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